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Thanksgiving safety tips for your pets

Thanksgiving safety tips for your pets!

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already?! While we may be busy stuffing ourselves with delicious foods, our pets may be overwhelmed with all the excitement in the atmosphere. It's a wonderful time to spend with family and guests, but let's not forget about our furry family. With all the yummy smells, beautiful decorations and family members around the house, pets may be scared or even tempted to sample some of the food!

Here are a few tips and reminders to keep your pet safe this holiday season:

  1. The guests are on their way and you're busy cleaning the house. Be sure to keep cleaning agents away from pets. They can harm pets in many ways from being poisonous if swallowed to burning their eyes and skin.
  2. ​​Place holiday plants off the ground. That poinsettia might look beautiful next to the fireplace, but it's safer high on the mantel or table. Holly, mistletoe, lilies and Christmas tree water may be toxic of swallowed.
  3. Most of us consider our pets to be part of the family and want them to enjoy the activities in the house, but if your pet is afraid of your visitors, place them in a pet friendly room to comfort them. 
  4. Microchip your pet! Family and friends coming in and out of the house provide an open door for your pet to escape! Be sure to have a microchip placed and your pet's current ID tag on their collar for identification. Here at South Trail Animal Hospital, we can implant a microchip and register your pet with HomeAgain!
  5. Candles always look elegant and smell good too, but it's easy for a dog or cat's tail to knock over a lit candle in the moment of excitement. Keep burning candles away from all pets.
  6. The holidays can bring delicious smells and foods to the house. As cute as your dog may look begging for a drumstick or dressing, don't give in! Fatty foods can cause stomach problems, while bones can cause obstructions or choking. 
  7. Clean up the kitchen soon after eating so that furry thieves can't counter surf and pull food off the counter. Place leftovers in a sealed container and walk the turkey carcass and bones straight out to the outside garbage can. 

The doctors and staff at South Trail Animal Hospital would like to wish you and your pets a safe and happy holiday!

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