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Fourth of July and Summer Tips

Fourth of July is almost here!  Unfortunately, a festive celebration with friends and family can be stressful for our pets. 

Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe and happy this holiday weekend and throughout the summer. 

  • Take time to prepare your pet for the upcoming excitement!  It's best to keep your pets inside, but make sure they are microchipped in case they accidentally escape during the fireworks display (or during one of our afternoon thunderstorms).
  • Provide a safe refuge, like a crate or bed with favorite toys and blankets, where your pet feels secure.   
  • Close windows and doors to minimize the noise and light flashes. 
  • Turn on the radio or television as a distraction.
  • Some pets will need additional help with their anxiety.  Please call to discuss the many options of sedatives and supplements that are available.

As the heat index rises, take precautions to prevent overheating.  

  • Make sure to limit the amount of time your pet is outside and periodically bring them inside to cool off. 
  • If you are outside playing in the pool or flipping burgers on the grill, make sure to provide plenty of water and shade for your pets.
  • Many dogs are natural swimmers, but they should never be left unsupervised in the pool.
  • Pets that are overweight, senior pets, those with short snouts (such as Pugs, Bulldogs, and Persian cats), and pets recovering from surgery or illness are more at risk for heat stroke.
  • Take walks during cooler times of the day.  Dogs may overexert themselves trying to keep up with their owners.
  • When running errands with your pet, be sure not to leave them in a hot car.  Even with the windows cracked, temperatures rise quickly and become deadly within minutes.

                 Have a safe summer and Happy Independence Day!


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