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You can receive $1.00 off the normal daily boarding fee if your pet was vaccinated at our hospital within one year of their reservation date!

Flying With Your Pet

Flying With Your Pet

Many clients choose to take their pets traveling with them when they go on vacation. We offer domestic flight certificates, which are often required when traveling by plane with a pet. We recommend that you call your airline provider as early as possible for their restrictions and requirements concerning animal travel, as they change frequently. These requirements may include:

- crate size, weight, and type
- required vaccines prior to flight
- required veterinarian exam and laboratory tests
Generally a health certificate is valid for 30 days; however some airlines will make the final decision concerning the length of time from health certificate issuance to flight. This is why your best option is to call the airline you are flying with. Also keep in mind that if your return trip travel date exceeds the 30 day health certificate limit, you may need to purchase a second health certificate from another veterinarian before you can travel by plane again.
For international flights, there are various requirements depending on your destination. Tests and procedures often have to be done six or more months in advance.  We do not offer international health certificates at our hospital.  More information can be found at the USDA's website.

For domestic flight health certificates (USDA form), the following is required:
- the date of your pet’s most recent Rabies vaccination (pet must be up to date)
- address of your current location and that of where you are traveling to
- an examination done by a licensed veterinarian
South Trail Animal Hospital will give you a copy of your pet’s health certificate to take with you on your flight. Your veterinarian can also prescribe sedatives if your pet is a nervous traveler.

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