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Veterinary Dentistry for Dogs and Cats


  • Dental disease is one of the most common problems seen in our pet population
  • Periodontal disease (dirty teeth) affects 85% of all dogs and cats
  • Bad breath is often due to dental disease
  • The accumulation of plaque and tartar causes inflammation of the gums
  • Dental disease affects the whole body. Infection from the teeth and gums spreads bacteria throughout the body causing heart valve infections and kidney infections
  • A broken tooth can expose the nerve, leading to root tip abscesses which can be very painful

What does a routine Prophylaxis (cleaning) consist of?

  • Prior to the teeth cleaning, a blood sample is taken to assure the pet is healthy enough to undergo an anesthetic procedure
  • A computerized ECG analysis is performed to check the heart rate and electrical rhythm. Certain abnormal rhythms and heart rates can be harmful  to animals undergoing anesthesia
  • A pulse oximeter is used to monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels while under anesthesia
  • We take full mouth digital dental x-rays of each patient to look for any abnormalities under the gum line unable to be detected upon regular exams
  • The teeth are ultrasonically cleaned, followed by enamel polishing
  • A technician stays with the patient until they are fully recovered from the anesthesia

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